eFloor Plan & Staff Directory

The Interactive eFloor Plan enables effortless office navigation through the searchable function and to stay connected with your workmates. ​

Interactive Floorplan

Transform your uploaded SVG floorplan into an interactive map for seamless navigation. Users can effortlessly zoom in/out, pan across the floorplan, and click on specific areas or rooms for detailed information​

An interactive map for navigation and exploration
Zoom, pan, and click on rooms for detailed information and interaction

Employee Profiles

The directory features additional details about employees, including profile pictures, department information, or even a brief bio. This provides users with a more comprehensive understanding of the colleagues they are looking for.​

Access additional employee details such as NFT Avatar, title, and extension no.​
Gain a better understanding of colleagues through employee profiles​

Search and Categories

The search feature allowing users to narrow down their search results based on specific criteria. For example, users may filter colleagues by department, location, or job function to find the most relevant matches.

Filter search results based on specific criteria like department or location
Find relevant matches by narrowing down colleagues using the search feature


The directory may offer click-to-contact functionality, allowing users to directly initiate communication with employees. For example, clicking on an email address can open the default email client, or clicking on a phone number can initiate a call.

Initiate communication directly with employees through click-to-contact functionality.
Easily reach out to colleagues by clicking on email addresses or phone numbers.

Are you ready to transform your HR strategy?​ ​

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Are you ready to transform your HR strategy?​ ​

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