Staff Oriented Mobile App in Hong Kong that helps

Prioritize, Engage and Retain Talents

We+ streamlines operations, enhances productivity, and fosters a seamless employee experience. Say goodbye to manual processes and engage your employees with this user-friendly tool.

section iconTransformative Innovations

Elevate Your Employee Experience

Demonstrates a commitment to the success and growth of your employees. Boost their efficiency and ease their workload with the latest technologies and tools.

section iconCulture of Connectedness

Intimacy Through Technology

Revolutionize the way you engage and connect with your team and create an inclusive workplace culture where everyone's voice truly matters.

section iconCentralized Information Hub

Unified Knowledge Base

No more hassling departments for information. We+ provides easy access to company information, simplifies communication and improves the employee experience.

Why WE+

Automated Staff Journey​

frictionless, positive experience on mobile devices.​

Employer Branding​

Build a good employer brand that is authentic, transparent, and consistent with the company’s values and culture.​


Integrated with cutting edge Web3.0 and AI technologies to improve overall company productivity.​

Big Data​

Collect accurate workplace ​metrics to provide actionable ​insights.​


Hosted in AWS secured cloud​environment with all your staff and company data protected.​

No Integration Required​

Standalone platform with minimal in-house technical support required.​


Multiple modules options which can suit your company needs.

Environmental Friendly​

Go paperless with digital claims, event registration and more.

Are you ready to transform your HR strategy?​ ​

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Are you ready to transform your HR strategy?​ ​

Schedule a demo