Room Booking

Optimize facilities utilization and reduce scheduling conflicts by enabling easy booking and tracking of available spaces, promoting efficient planning and teamwork.​

Optimize Meeting Space Management

Our meeting space management system ensures real-time availability and accurate reservation information for users, prevents from duplications and optimize facilitates usage without conflict.

Prevents double bookings by accurately tracking room availability based on current bookings.
Provides up-to-date information on vacant rooms for users to make informed bookings.

Intuitive Booking Calendar​

The visual calendar interface simplifies navigation of available time slots, facilitating efficient selection of desired dates and times for bookings. This feature ensures ease in finding suitable slots for reservations.​

Visual calendar interface displaying room availability for easy date and time selection.
Facilitates users in finding suitable slots for reservations with a clear overview of availability.​

Booking Modifications and Cancellations

Users may need to modify or cancel their bookings. The system allows authorized users to make changes within certain time limits.

Users can extend or early release the bookings

Customizable Room Search​

By specifying requirements, including room capacity, amenities, equipment, our system will shortlist desirable and available options. This targeted matching saves time spent sifting through unsuitable choices.​

Specify room size, capacity or amenities matching

Streamlined Recurring Meeting

Our room availability management system offers a streamlined approach to managing recurring meetings, empowering users to efficiently schedule and maintain their regular meetings.

Easily create recurring meetings with customizable frequency and duration.
Automated room booking: System reserves designated room for each occurrence, ensuring hassle-free availability.

Outlook Calendar Integration

Our room booking system supports seamlessly sync with Outlook calendars. Users benefit from synchronized scheduling across platforms, promoting coordination without superfluous efforts.​

Seamlessly integrate room bookings with individual Outlook calendars, eliminating the need for manual data entry.
Any changes or updates made to room bookings are automatically reflected in users’ Outlook calendars

Are you ready to transform your HR strategy?​ ​

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Are you ready to transform your HR strategy?​ ​

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